Our History
Although there has been a baptist witness in the village of Hawkhurst from early in the 18th Century, the present church was built in 1892.

Parish records refer to David Russell, a teacher to a congregation of believers, baptised on profession of their faith, meeting at Hawkhurst in November 1711. David Russell, an ‘Anabaptist teacher’ was buried at Cranbrook in September 1714.
Baptist influence re-emerged in 1889 when a group started meeting in a house on the Colonnade. This soon proved too small and they moved to the Assembly Room in Cranbrook Road, affectionately known as the ‘Tin Tabernacle’.

A plot of land was purchased and in the Spring of 1891, the congregation called its first pastor, Mr Henman. The church had 24 members in August 1891 which later joined the Baptist Union.

In July 1892, memorial stones were laid. The present building was started. The church was completed and held its first services in April 1893. To this day, the same church continues to be a place of worship.

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