The Hawkhurst Baptist Church

Coronavirus Response Strategy

The coronavirus has brought with it many challenges and this has meant that all recent services at HBC have had to take place online.  On Sunday 23rd May 2021 we will be meeting for our first service in our Church building for nearly 7 months.  Whilst we celebrate the opportunity to meet together again, we must remember that there will be a number of safety measures to observe.

Below is an explanation of what we are doing at HBC to ensure that our time together is as safe as possible and what will be required of all those who attend the service.

Please ensure that you read through this document before coming to the service.

Although restricted, we pray that you will be blessed by the time you spend with us.

What we are doing to keep you safe

Services will be shorter than usual to minimise time spent in the building together.

We will have a one-way system in operation for those entering and exiting the Church.

Ventilation will be maintained at all times by keeping windows and doors open.

The Church Sanctuary will not be used for a minimum of 72 hours before each service.

In the foyer between the side door and the hall, door handles and surfaces will be washed with soapy water and then sprayed with disinfectant.

The floor of the hall and toilet will be washed with disinfectant.

The toilet and surfaces, including wash basins will be washed with soapy water and disinfectant.

We will be using separate colour coded mops for each area to be cleaned, with disposable mop heads.

All cleaning equipment will be safely disposed of after use.

What we ask you to do on the day

Arriving at the Church


Please turn up in good time to be seated by 10:30am.

The offering basket will be at the front door when you arrive, so you will be able to place any donations into it either before or after the service.

The service will take place in the Church Sanctuary.

Please wear a mask throughout your time in the building.  We cannot admit you into the building without a mask unless you have a Doctor’s note to prove that you are exempt from wearing one.

Entrance will be via the front of the Church and once the service is over, we will ask you to leave by the front door, following a one-way system. 

If mobility difficulties mean that entrance through the front door is difficult for you, then you will be allowed to enter through the fire doors at the back of the Church hall.

On entrance, your contact details will be taken down in order to notify the Government’s Track and Trace system should it prove necessary.  Your contact details will be kept for 21 days after the service.

On entrance you will also be asked to confirm that you have not recently suffered from any coronavirus symptoms.

Hand sanitiser stations will be provided for use on entrance and exit from the building, with a poster which gives instructions on use.

We ask you to please bring your own Bibles and bottles of water as neither will be available from the Church.

The kitchen should not be used.

Social Distancing

We ask you to maintain social distancing of 2-metres with all those outside of your household, both inside and outside the building.

We also ask that you do not gather in close groups (still 2-metres apart) of more than 6 people, either inside or outside the building.

Household groups will be asked to sit a minimum of 2-metres apart.

If possible, please let us know of your intention to attend the service before the day.  You can do this by using our contact form on the website.

Toilet Facilities

We encourage you not to use the toilet at the Church but if toilet use was necessary, only the disabled toilet will be available for use, with antibacterial wipes for the user to wipe any surfaces they have touched.


You will be given further instructions by the service leader on the day.  In particular, you will be asked not to sing, as this increases the transmission risk of the virus.

Thursday May 20th 2021