Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, male carers, along with their children. This gives dads the opportunity to give Mum a break for a few hours while the dads take their babies and toddlers to play.

The dads can enjoy the Saturday papers, have a bacon roll or two and sip a cup of tea or coffee. Dads can play with their child, chat with other Dads or just chill out and relax.

The children can watch cartoons, draw, colour, run around the church hall with the other children playing with loads of toys, eating biscuits, fruit snacks and plenty of kiddie drinks. Children’s stories are read which is always a great favourite.

You are invited to join other dads every 2nd Saturday of every month. The cost is £3.00 per family regardless of the number of children. All dads, grandpas, uncles and male carers are welcome.

Come join us at The Hawkhurst Baptist Church, Western Road (off Cranbrook Road), in the Church hall. You can go to the ‘Contact Us’ located at the top of this page for directions.

For any queries contact our Events Team on:

01580 753 382